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Alexa rank checker

Alexa traffic rank is generated on based three months of collected traffic data from millions users of Alexa Toolbar and is generally established as a good quality traffic barometer. FREE Alexa rank Checker instantly check the alexa rank of your particular website with our free online tool. The results show your website page rank and a traffic graph plotting six months of traffic. Just enter your website URL into the free alexa rank checker url field and press the Get Rank button. The alexa rank will be shown along with a traffic graph plotting the last six moth of traffic to your website.

It is an incorporated measure of pageviews and visitors. The three-month change is determined by comparing the site's present rank with its rank from three months ago.
Find out how your website traffic stacks up against all your competitors! Alexa Rank Checker is one of the most freely available tools to find out how well your site ranks up against millions of other sites on the Web. 

Our free Alexa rank checker tool can show the real time position of website in Alexa ranking system. The lower rank (number) is always better. This is helpful in determining a web site's traffic and in assessing the value of linking partners.