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What is GZIP Compression

Check GZIP tool helps you to optimize your website online for higher overall performance with the aid of decreasing the loading time of your pages. In this article we’ll provide an explanation for to you what is gzip compression, the way to enable gzip compression on your .Htaccess or nginx.Conf. And check if gzip compression is enabled on your website.


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Check Gzip compression saves 50% to 80% bandwidth and will therefore it will increase the website's loading speed. 
The text files are compressed (zipped) at the server and then the visitor's web browser will routinely unzip the files. This compressing and unzipping only takes a fragment of a second.

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How to check GZIP Compression

Our tool Check Gzip Compression will help you to check that your website is enabled for gzip compression or not. Input the url of the website that you need to check and click on the 'submit' button. The software will take a look at the website and will give back the outcome. It will inform you whether or not the website has gzip enabled or not. It'll display the area name, the compressed and uncompressed size.

Additionally, it'll also show some header information of the website.

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