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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

Code To Text Ratio Checker

Code To Text Ratio is mainly represents the percentage of Content text with respect to HTML Code. The text html ratio checker refers to the amount of your content text against the HTML code in backend, which is read by search engine bots. You may not notice but HTML code text ratio is very important for SEO, With the release of Google Panda update, Google is more emphasizing on more content driven sites. A site which has More text Ratio than HTML Code.

For better SEO the text html ratio checker would be between from 25 to 70 percent, With the help of our online text ratio checker you will get the information within flick of seconds. This text to html ratio checker tool analyze all the text content against html code and provide you a simple percentage value about the webpage.


code to text ratio checker


Why to use Code To text ratio Checker ?

The Code to text ratio allows you to check whether you have wriiten text content more than your code to text ratio or not. The more content you have the more it would be readable and understandable for people thus lower bounce rate ratio for webpage. 

It builds better user experience for your reader as well, Text content is very essential for search bots as well, they read the content and crawl your meta tags and keywords from that and index your site better. You can even try our google index checker to determine how many pages google have indexed.

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