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About Google Page speed Insights Checker

Google Page speed Insights Checker is a free tool by JetSeoTools. Pagespeed insights checker will check your website Page Speed Score which in turn analyze your page code and gives you website speedtest optimization suggestions. Pagespeed insights of a website is very important in Google ranking, and every website owner must improve their site's speed. Fast loading pages are always preferred in browsing and has more page views as visitors then can browse more pages in your website with speed using website speedtest. Visitors tends to leave pages which loads slowly or takes about 3-4 seconds to load up. 

Google emphasis on the page speed so much that it gives benefit to those websites that have a great Page Speed Score. Every webmaster should try to reduce their site's loading time, this is a basic and most important SEO optimization technique. Everyone wants their browser to open websites quickly hence our tool Google Page speed Insights Checker will definately help you out in telling why your website is not performing as expected and what is causing your website to load slowly. Just follow our recommended actions and your website will become blazing fast. Google introduced their google speedtest tool in 2011, and since then websites with high speed are prioritized in SERPs.

Google Page speed Insights Checker

Why to use Google Page Speed Insights Checker

Our team created this google page speed checker to assist all website owners in making sure that their website visitors will have a better browsing experience. Website speedtest could be very essential due to the fact most people have zero tolerance for a sluggish loading web page or website.

Use this Google Page speed Insights Checker when you have high bounce rate, it'll display you which of them pages you need to improve for speeding up your website. This is the handiest manner to maintain your site visitors stay longer on your website which can additionally assist you generate income in case you are selling items or offering services.

There are many website proprietors who've already experienced that they may be dropping traffic because their customers are not staying on the site due to bad performance and sluggish website site load time. The apparent purpose is that they never gone for google page speed take a look at and by no means paid any interest this internet site loading delay.

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