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What’s My Google Page Rank?

Enter the URL for your website or direct link above and click the Get page rank button to find out the Google Page Rank for your website or page. By our Google PageRank Checker tool you can also check bulk URL at a same time upto 100 URLs.

What is PageRank?

PageRank is a rank attributed to each page by Google's algorithm and  It uses a numerical scale, with 0 (the lowest) and 10 (the highest).

This PageRank stands for the value of each page according to multiple criteria. Its include the number of incoming links for the specific URL, the no. of links per page and the quality of links that point to each site.

How often is Google PageRank updated?

Our Google PageRank Checker tool is powered by AJAX, a programming technology used to load js asynchronously. This translates to Page Rank lookups can be done automatically without interfering with the display of your current page. Simply type in your URLs into the form and our tool will do the rest.

Google does not have a predictable pattern for updates. Typically, the time between updates is 3-6 months, with the longest delay in between updates being 9 months. 

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