Image Compressor - Compress JPEG and PNG Optimizer

Image Compressor - Compress JPEG and PNG Optimizer

Add up to 10 multiple image files
(Size Limit: 2MB per file | Supported Formats: JPEG & PNG)

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About Image Compressor - Compress JPEG and PNG Optimizer

Image Compressor - Compress JPEG and PNG Optimizer smartly optimize your image files, supported: JPEG & PNG in lowest size possible, without losing its quality. Our tools use a smart compression technique to reduce the size of the image file and help you increase the page load speed of your website, The larger the size of the image the more time it will take a page to load and more time the visitors have to wait for the image to load. our photo compressor can ease the user by having pictures load quicker and web pages use up less area on a server.

How to Use Compress JPEG and PNG Optimizer Tool

Using this image compressing tool is simple, just upload the image to provide uploaded box you can upload 10 images and files size up to 2 Mb to compress JPEG & PNG file formats are supported. Just upload the uncompressed files and our photo compressor tool will do all the magic and will give you uncompressed version of the images for download. 

Why Should you Use Compress JPEG and PNG Optimizer Tool

Images often known for most of the downloaded bytes on a web page and also take a significant amount of web server space. As a result, and optimizing the image could be really helpful in reducing some downloaded bytes which is significant for the SEO performance of the website. Web page load speed is crucial to both visitors and the search engines, A larger image size can cause the slower page load, which can drive the visitor to hit the back button or close that web page which tends to increase the Bounce rate of the site. And larger the site bounce rate, potentially it affects and lowers your search ranking in search engines. The web page doesn't need a high-quality image to render, thus you require the compression tool to optimize the image size. 

Other than this image compressor to improve your search rankings, you need to optimize your Site page load performance, well, in that case, these tools such as CSS Compressor Tooljs compressor tool, and Online Minify HTML will help you out and automatically detects the unnecessary or unessential from your code like code comments and formatting and remove them without affecting how it is processed by the web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

You can use All in One Website Reviewer And SEO Audit Tool to audit your site and check your SEO score to enhance your online presence and at last rank better in Google Search, you'll get the idea how vital is CSS compression can be for improving the SEO score. Website Speed Test can also be handy to help you to analyze the load time and speed of any webpage.