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Link Checker Tool allows you to analyze your website for any broken links. Broken links test can be very harmful for your site and lower your site goodwill. Link Building is almost always the most tricky and challenging part, but also the one most important key to success. Website Links creates a virtual web which allows Search engine bots or Googel Bots to move from one site to another. A Single link break this link and thus resulting negative search rankings, your website even lost from google search results.

link checker tool

Search broken links with our Link Checker Tool and eliminate from your website overall performance. You can redirect the broken links test using our 301 Redirection tool.

For Better SEO, we recommend you to use Website links counter to check how many links your site has. then you use this tool to check if whether any link is broken or not. This Link Checker Tool takes an url of webpage/website and check for any broken link, it will display a list of all your inbound and outbound links and check for any broken links which you can find and resolve in your website.