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About Mozrank Checker

About Mozrank Checker tool

Mozrank checker tool measures keywords and page rank of the particular website, The webmaster can check moz rank and track search ranking for a different page, backlinks of the webpage and linking websites quality, so you can easily compare the previous page MozRank Score with new MozRank.

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What is MozRank?

MozRank Checker tool identifies the MozRank score, which is basically version of Google’s PageRank algorithm( Discontinued by the google now) and evaluates link popularity. The MozRank Algorithm gives the MozRank based on the other pages on internet/web that link to that particular page. The higher the MozRank will be the higher chances of that page will have better search ranking on the search engines and more chances that the MozRank of the page which are receiving the links will be high too.

How MozRank Checker Tool Works?

Just like, the google's original page rank algorithm calculated the page score, The MozRank is also rated the link on a logarithmic scale between 0 and 10. So if you're page MozRank is between 3 to 4 then it's easier to improve the score than 8 to 9 one, It depends on the  backlinks of the webpage and linking websites quality. The Normal Web page which is new and non-popular has an average score of (~0.05). MozRank of 1 or 2, Web pages are considered to be " Important and have good quality backlinks. Mostly the web pages or links you find on normal Google's Search are more likely to be on MozRank 2, 3, 4 or higher. But as well know the Internet is huge, then there are some unimportant website, which barely has or average MozRank score can drag down the overall average score MozRank.

How To USe MozRank Checker Tool

JetSeoTool's MozRank Checker tool or page authority checker helps you find the MozRank score and check moz rank of your page or link, So you can identify and track the search engine ranking based on your MozRank Score. Just provide the link which you want to gather the mozRank of in the provided box and our tool will provide you MozRank Score, Page Authority, and Domain Authority of that page or link.

Page Authority checker  tool also developed by MOZ, It's basically logarithmic score on a scale from 1-100 which specifies how well a web page will rank on search engines. It work same as domain authority checker tool but works only for a specific page and checks the relevance of information and links in a sinlge webpage to one another. 

Along with Mozrank check Alexa Rank of your website, and Page Rank of your website.