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About Online Ping Website Tool

Online Ping Website Tool

This free Online Ping Website Tool allows you index new content easily and quickly. This amazing free tool lets you enter the website url, name of your website, enter your direct link to your new or updated blog post, the next step is to add RSS feed url of the website and then click “Submit”. You can then see the work that this tool does for you.

Now you have not to wait for the search engines to identify the changes that you have made on the website. When you add latest content you can seriously increase the number of visitors on your website. When you add new content to your website on a period basis like monthly or weekly then you can use this tool to notify all the search engines of the new content or the updates on your page.

However, to get better results, you should enter the direct link to your new post or the website instead of inserting top level domain name. 

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