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Free Website Speed Test

The Free Website Speed test help you to analyze the load time and speed of any webpage, From SEO point of view page load time can be very crucial. Google has indicated that better page speed site gets benifit than the slower ones. Page speed is also important to user experience as well. Pages with higher load time faces higher Bounce rates and sometimes user close the page in middle of page load.

Our Webiste Speed test allows you to identify what element in web pages is fast, slow, big or its size as well. So that webmaster and web developers can easily track the element and Optimize the website effectively.

Page Size can also be one of the reason to Increase the page load time, higher the page size higher the load time would be, You can test your website using this free online page size checker tool. You can easily optimize the site using browser caching techniques like laverage browser caching, enable ET Tags and Expiry headers. These technique will help you in optimization.