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About Responsive Checker

About Responsive Checker Tool

Responsive checker tool checks your web page in different screens resolution,  This tool is designed to check responsive websites. The resolution test will show you if that particular web page is responsive or not, it will basically, show the provided URL web page in the selected screen resolution and various devices screen sizes. 

responsive checker

Responsive Design plays a crucial role in improving the website's  search ranking, Google has stated many times they prefer mobile-ready websites more than nonresponsive websites, they have mentioned the mobile SEO as extremely important for the Search engine optimization process, so what needs to be done to do perfect Mobile SEO, The first part is to check if you're website is responsive-ready or not, and for that this responsive checker tool was made. Since there are many devices available on the market and every major device has different screen resolution size, and your web page should be auto responsive to all these devices by default. Nobody can remember the screen resolution size, that's why we made this handy tool to check responsive websites so that you can do resolution test on your website and make sure that your website will look good on all these major device sizes.

How To Use Responsive Checker Tool

our responsive checker tool is extremely easy to use, Just provide the link or URL of the web page you want to check and select screen resolution size provided below, and our tool will open that particular web page in that screen resolution. You'll be able to check responsive websites, without any hassle or remembering any screen resolution size. Now It's up to you to resolve the design related problems you found in the selected screen's size. It is a highly advanced tool that is used by website owners to set their screen resolution compatible with all formats.

This responsive checker tool will open the web page in a selected web page, but if you want to grab a screenshot of a webpage in the same screenshot you can perform that task using this handy screenshot generator tool.

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