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About URL Encoder / Decoder

About Online urlencode/urldecode

The Online urlencode/urldecode tool encodes or decodes a string of text(Or any URL). URIs needs to be encoded uniformly for the worldwide usage. This Process is also known as, percent-encoding which is highly helpful in embedding the special characters to a URL. URI Encode, a special mechanism for encoding character information in a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).

How Online urlencode/urldecode Works

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This is basically, a two-step process of URL encoding entails replacement of unacceptable characters with a % (percent sign) and followed by two hexadecimal values. To associate the wide range of Special characters used worldwide into the Sixty(60) or so allowed some characters in a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI):

  • Convert the reserved character string into a sequence of bytes using the variable width UTF-8 encoding
  • Convert every byte that is not an ASCII letter or digit in a special format (%HH), where HH represents the hexadecimal value of the byte.

How To Use Online urlencode/urldecode

The JetSeoTools' urlencode/urldecode tool specifically works when you add the string of text(Or any URL or query string) in the box provided above, And then all you have to do is just hit the submit button and out tool will do all the necessary work the rest to successfully and show you the uri encode instantly. This Tool will be helpful when you want to convert encoded JavaScript URL with a somewhat readable text string to a more coherent text. Sometimes the URL normally includes a non-alpha numeric letter or some character that will be encoded uniformly.

 uri encode reserved characters

In urlencode/urldecode , When a certain character from the reserved set (shown above) has specific purpose (a "reserved purpose") in a particular context, and a URI scheme states that it is required to use that reserved character for some other purpose, then that character must be urlencode/urldecode ie. percent-encoded. Which is mainly, converting the character to its corresponding ASCII value and then representing that value as a pair of hexadecimal digits. And to Decode The Url , Use our Online URL Encoder / Decoder Tool for decoding of the URL as well.